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         The Research indicates that the baby’s development in the first five years is the most critical stage. It’s a time for the development of intelligence, sociality and nerve systems.

         The learning process is composed of 3 parts, which are brain, sensorial nerve and muscle. The coordination of  these 3 parts can create the learning process.

         Like a little sponge, Baby has absorb and learn everything around since born.. He can learn through every senses, Watch, Listen, Smell, Taste and Touch. Baby also learns about the world around him by observing, imitating and trying. After that, he starts to practice every skill deftly.

         The early childhood is essential which make an important role in his life. It’s a stage that baby accumulates knowledge about himself and environment surround. Baby could develop his small muscle and discover his newfound skills.

         During this time, parent could help your baby by setting the house’s environment that can stimulate baby to learn by himself as much as possible.

         As a result, the objective of DEK baby product is to be not only a baby home textile product but also be a part of baby’s environment for his development and growth. Our idea is to integrate soft toy into the original daily use baby home textile.

         More than just a baby home textile product, we create desire environment for kids.


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